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Aerosol nebuliser, liquid, blown glass

AGLA Aseptic Syringe (incomplete) boxed

Airmed Marrett Anaesthesia Machine

Anaesthetic breathing system with self-inflating bellows

Anaesthetic dropper bottle

Antistatic face mask, contoured, malleable

Antistatic rubber tubing

Aspirating syringe kit in metal case

Atraumatic suture

Attenborough Total knee prosthesis

Aural instrument - Hartmann's?

Aural probes, for wool

Auroscope components

Austin Moore Hip Prosthesis

Bacteriology swab in glass tube & wooden case

Bandages, woven linen, re-used

Benson ophthalmoscope.

Blood Count Stage - Hawksley

Blown Glass devices, various.

BOC Oxygen Therapy Outfit M.S.110

Bottle labelled 'OMNOPON' tablets

Box containing glass vials of catgut

Box of Clinical Lantern Slides

Boyd's double-ended bone scoop

Breast reliever, glass, with rubber bulb

Breathing system research assembly

Bronze Bust of King Edward VII

Cachet Assembly Jig

Cardiff style suction connecter

Cardiofax ECG machine

Case, wooden c Ear & Eye instruments

Catalogue, Allen & Hanbury's

Catalogue, Down Bros and Mayer & Phelps

Catalogue, Thackray

Catheter Introducer, straight

Catheter, Eustachian x 2, Kramer.

Charnley Prosthesis

Collection of Obstetrics Instruments from Doctor's bag

Connection tubing - red rubber, flanged

Cowhide Physician's Bag, 'The Radcliffe

Curettes, ophthalmic

Cylinder flow valve.

Dental Instrument Case, complete

Differential Mercury Manometer

Dilatation & Curettage kit in canvas roll

Dose-limited syringe in case

Dräger Pollution Tester

Dropper syringe - glass

Drum, sterilisation, Schimmelbusch

Eastleigh SM1 Enuresis Alarm

ECG Monitor, Diascope

Emp. Cantharadini B.P. (Plaster)

ENT Examination Kit

Field Surgical Case, Mahogany

Fine Adjustment Valve - (oxygen)

Fleam, brass sleeve with 3 blades

Flowmeter, medical oxygen

Forceps, Aural, Keen’s

Forceps, Barnes-Neville's, c traction handle

Forceps, procedure, Plastics, coloured x 3

French's Blood Transfusion Needle

Gas gangrene Antitoxin - syringe container

Gordh Needle, diaphragms, in box

Graseby PCA System

Guest Cannula, complete in box


Hegar's double-ended dilator set

Hegar's double ended uterine dilator size 3-4.

Higginson's enema syringe

Horrock's uterine sound

Hot Water Steriliser from Doctor's Bag

Infant Gas Mask - 1939

Insulin Syringe, 'Everett', 2 ml

INTERSURGICAL Spill valve connector

Iontophoresis Apparatus

Jewett's Cannulated Tri-fin Nail

KEELER 'Specialist' Ophthalmoscope, in case

Key, cylinder, multipurpose

Kidde Oxygen Resuscitator set

Killingbeck Nasotracheal tube connection

Kramer Eustachian Catheter

Labels 'Phosphorised Quinine & Iron Tonic'

Labels:’ Bicarbonate of Soda'

Labels:’ Wind Pills'

Lafayette Grooved Pegboard Test

Lahey artery forceps

Lantern slide projector

Leeds Flicker Fusion Tester

LEYLAND 'Oxford' tracheal tube

LEYLAND 6.0 Nasal 7.5 red rubber tube

Lister's Bougie Set (bulbous end) in case

M&IE Suction connector,

Magill nasal connectors size '00'

Maternity lithotomy harness

Matheu Tonsil Guillotine

Medical Formulary 1928

Medicine Dropper

Metal ampoule case

Metal box containing drug bottles

Metal case containing 'hypodermic tablets'

Metal case with 'hypodermic tablets'

Microscope Histology Slide Collection

Microscope slide collection

Microscope, brass, monocular - Leitz

Microscope, miniature, in wooden case

MIE Paediatric Laryngoscope c Magill Blade

Mini-Schrader gas extension

Mirror, head, with headband

Mirror, head, on metal harness

Mirror, laryngeal, with handle

Mirror, nasal x 2

Mouth gag, Doyen

Mug, enamelled iron.

Murphy button

National War Formulary 1947

Needle Holder, Kalt

Needle, Mitchell, complete in Box

Northampton Bracket Plates with nails

Nose clips

Novox Model II Resuscitator

Nebuliser, all-glass.

'OMNOPON' tablets

Ophthalmoscope, Liebreich’s

Patrick's Improved Retinoscope

Pharmacy Prescription Book

Phillips Automatic Vaccinator Model 74 5ml

Pill making machine

Pincers, double ended, steel,? dental.

Plain 'Venule' blood sampling device

Pneumotachograph Lilly

Pneumotachograph, Fleisch type

Pneumothorax Cannula

Portable instrument steriliser with spirit burner

PORTEX 'Cole' tracheal tube

PORTEX 'nylon' tracheal suction connector

Portfolio of Dermochromes 2 Vols

Pot, porcelain with lid

Potain's Aspirator

Powder insufflator - RAF Pattern

Pressure Regulator 4 bar

Probe, pulse oximeter, finger, adult

Pulp Preserver and Nerve Capper

Pulse Oximeter, Biox, Ohmeda

Pump, suction Hy-Flo, Model B.

Rendell Baker Soucek Mask size '0'

Riddell All-glass spray nebuliser

Ring Hip Prosthesis

Saw, Amputation

Scalpels, aural

Schioetz Ocular Tonometer

Schimmelbusch Mask

Scissors, keratotomy

Scissors, straight, fine point

Sims' Vaginal Speculum

Simplic insufflator

Sims' Uterine Curette.

SOLTAB saline tablets

Sparklet' 'J-size' CO2 dispenser

Speculum, Eyelid, sprung

Spirometer, Benedict-Roth

Spray, atomiser with nose mount

St John's Ambulance Wall Chart - Circulation

St John's Ambulance Wall Chart - Dislocations

St. John's Ambulance Wall Chart - Circulation 2

St. John's Ambulance Wall Chart - Fractures

St. John's Ambulance Wall Chart - Resuscitation

Steriliser, Boiling water, electric,

Suction connector c chained plug.

Suitcase, leather/fibre, unlabelled:

Sulphonamide mouth wash bottle

Suppository Mould, 2 part, brass

Swanson Prosthetic Finger Joint

Syringe, 1 ml, metal plunger

Syringe, 2 ml, glass & metal

Syringe, 20 minim, metal/glass, no maker's mark

Syringe, 5 cc, metal plunger

Syringe, aspirating, 20 cc

Syringe, aspirating, non-standard locking taper

Syringe, glass 20 ml, with metal, Record taper

Syringe, Insulin, 1cc

Syringe/needle kit in metal box

Tabloid Ophthalmic case

Teale's Vulsellum Forceps

The British Pharmacopoeia 1914

Thermometer case

Traction board for Thomas splint

Transducer, differential, resistive

Trocar and cannula ? function

Tubing, gas sampling, Datex

Tuning Forks

Twaddell Hydrometer

Unofficial List of Formulae 1955

Urethral Catheter - red rubber

Urethral catheter, metal

USCI Cardiac Catheter guide system

Vaginal dilators, set of 3 open glass

Vaginal douche pipe

Vaginal Speculae - set of 4

Valve, 'Rudolph', no-rebreathing, 'T'

Ventilator, lung, laboratory animal

Ventilator, small animal

Waite's Cartridge Syringe Kit

Wall Chart used by St John's Ambulance - Arterial Compression

Wall Chart used by St John's Ambulance - Arterial pressure points

Wall Chart used by St John's Ambulance - Bones & Joints 3

Wall Chart used by St John's Ambulance - Circulation 3

Wall Chart used by St John's Ambulance - Fracture 1st Aid

Wall Chart used by St John's Ambulance - Fractures & dislocations

Wall Chart used by St John's Ambulance - General Anatomy

Wall Chart used by St John's Ambulance - Haemorrhage

Wall Chart used by St John's Ambulance - Physiology

Wooden fracture splints

Wright's Nebuliser

Wright's Peak Flow Meter

Wrigley's Midwifery Forceps